Episode 1 Highlights 

The Marketing Interview‌ ‌
With this being the first episode of IMTV Live i managed to get marketing legend “Jimmy Kim” on the show, as we talked food, time machines oh and internet marketing.

Resource Central
We covered a lot iinside this segment and i shared tons of quality free resources with one of my favourites being 101 totally free stock photo sites, i mean we all need quality images for our websites and blogs right?

The Test Station
Inside this segment we put the top 5 web hosting companies through 6 stringent tests to find out who is actually the company you need to host your website with.

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IMTV Live Episode 1 – Segments


Coming Up On This Episode Of IMTV Live ‌

We are going to be interviewing “Jimmy Kim” a very well known Internet Marketer, we will be testing out the top web hosting companies to see which one is the best, i will be sharing with you a massive conversion optimisation case study and a whole lot more…


The IMTV Live Extreme First Episode Competition ‌

To celebrate the first episode of IMTV Live i wanted to kick the show off in fashion, so i decided to put togther a huge prize package for one of our lucky viewers to win.We are giving away a complete video studio that includes a complete backdrop and lighting setup, a tripod, a mobile phone tripod mount, a lapel microphone, a blue yeti microphone and a professional scissor stand to connect it to.

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The Conversion Optimization Case Study ‌

For this case study we delved in to finding out if showing your prices on your website increases or decrease conversions your conversions. Not only did we find out but you will also be shocked at just how much of a difference this can actually make to your conversions.

This test was run using the same landing page with the only difference being the price was displayed on the header image on one and not on the other. So lets see the results.


The Marketing Interview

We had the one and only “Jimmy Kim” on this episode. We talked about a lot of things inside this exclusive interview including one of the biggest mistakes Jimmy made and one piece of advice that will really help all IMTV Live viewers.

Plus we talked food, time machines and a whole lot more.


Resource Central

I found a ton of useful free resources for you to use inside this segment. The 101 Free Stock Photo Sites Are Inside The IMTV Live Magazine.

Tawk – Click Here

IFTTT – Click Here

PrintWhatYouLike – Click Here

YouTube Screenshot – Click Here

Coverr – Click Here

101 Photo Sites – In Magazine


The Test Station

We wanted to find in this episode who is truly the best web host,. so we put the top 5 highest voted web companies through a series of stringent tests. The winner won a MASSIVE 5 out of the 6 tests we performed.

Check Out The Test Station Champion Here:


Product Central

We showcase our cherry picked top 3 products for this episode, with all the launches going on every day its difficult to know what ones you need to check out.

Number 1: Review Trust

Number 2: Stream Store

Number 3: SociConnect


Special Gift

For the gift inside this episode i had my team create something unique, 4 fully customizable document templates. a guide, whitepaper, checklist and report.

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Ask Me A Question Live

We had a lot of good questions that were asked during this episode, with my favourite one being how did i get started in offline, when did i get in to the internet marketing scene and more

If you have a quesiton for me, just jump on when i am running a LIVE.episode..

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