The Inside Scoop 

Who Are You?
My name is Mikey Formby i have been doing internet marketing since 2012, my main business is WordPress based and affiliate marketing fun fact over 30,000 websites use my theme online .

Why Did You Create IMTV Live
This is something i have wanted to do for a long time, and luckily enough i have. As my customers know i work hard to deliver value consistently and this was my way of doing just that. I mean plus we all love to binge watch a good tv show so who wouldn’t want to watch one about the passion we have for internet marketing. 

What Is Your Plans For IMTV Live
I want IMTV Live to be a community were everyone can join in, somewhere you can openly engage and talk about your experiences and successes. This business is all about paying it forward and helping people when they need a leg up while leaving over inflated egos at the door.  So if what we produce inside IMTV Live helps you, then you can pass the knowledge on to others and we can all continue to grow our businesses.

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